Celisse Graves, an american actress born in Newport News, Virginia. Fell in love with performing arts at an early age.  Believing in her star potential she decides to move to Los Angeles guarenteeing her first commercial within 6 months.  Celisse Graves has made numerous appearances casted in several roles.  A western musical film called Western in Noir directed by Jennifer Barlow as Nivea a knife throwing femme fatale.  A horror film Hybristophilia directed by Romane Simon as a curious rebel with a cause.  A Venice community stage play called Ghost Town directed by Rebecca Novick as Novie a community activist.  As well as a dark comedy stage play Scenes From The Bridge directed by Nina Childs as Pamela a wife to a protective husband that lost sight of herself and Fay-ree a wonderful bubbly imaginary friend to several children in need to boost their confidence. 

Celisse loves mentoring young children to live out their dreams through creative writing for The Young Storyteller's Program as well as participating as an actress to make their stories come to life like a movie.  On a daily, she is increasing her overall skills and health as an actress by taking class at Ivana Chubbuck Studio, modeling celebrity fashion on the runways all while keeping up her endurance exercising, yoga and eating nutritiously for her lifestyle.